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to the united states and the ongoing us grand jury and current estimations we can exist that we know is ongoing and we know that because of court documents relating the last few months so that is earning and i think it's important to remember their story that it is as a result of the u.s. action in relation to regulate the persecution and wiki leaks that julian remains inside that embassy. in the u.k. who threaten national security might face life sentences according to legislation proposed by the government but i get his fear that whistle blows could end up in the same category with cyber terrorists explains in today's digital age committing a serious cyber crime could land you a mega sentence and have a serious crime bill proposed in the queen's speech computer hackers who launched devastating attacks on u.k. infrastructure could soon face life behind bars a single attack can have such a dramatic effect let's just imagine
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a scenario where we go without electricity for a week and the impact that would have no lights no power to do engineering or manufacturing business or to you know for people to boil water or to sterilize baby feeding a quick but that actually has a tangible effect on people's daily existence and actually worse case scenario on people's very very lives at the moment impairing a computer as it's written in law carries a maximum ten year sentence according to ministers that's disproportionate to the potential damage a malicious hacker could wreak but computer security experts have questioned what cyber terrorism really means and whether the term could be used to prosecute citizens who try to whistle blow on the government or a company i honestly think if you if you're hacking in order to harm life then there will be sentences already available for the computers and more central to us . that might mean that people can do more harmful things but things that you have
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to publish them for all of the results you know if you killed people have you attempted to done damage property or disrupt the capital's transport those are concrete eric copies the the trying to do those things or actually doing that that's what people should be sentenced for benevolent security researchers are also concerned their work often involves behaving like hakas with the intention of finding vulnerabilities on a website and exposing cyber risk but according to this proposed law even those working for the common good of the internet could end up behind bars so feel a major threat here is if somebody is simply trying to reverse engineer a site maybe see that show that it isn't properly secure and that people shouldn't trust it and that the operators need to sort themselves out those are the kinds of problems where people can to face computer misuse charges without really having
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done anything wrong playboy london is just gone half past eight here in the morning in moscow let's have a quick look now at some other world society korean soldiers killed five of his comrades and injured seven more at the border post with north korea the twenty two year old sergeant who's armed as he's armed has fled the scene and is now on the run the motives for the rampage is still unclear. heavy rainstorms triggered massive floods in the east and south china have left over a dozen people dead officials say some three million people have been affected in thousands forced to seek refuge in the downpours also caused major power outages and blocked roads. hundreds of afghans have rallied in kabul over alleged fraud during presidential runoff elections held last week earlier front runner and former foreign minister abdullah abdullah said he would refuse to recognize poll results he also promised to appeal to the united nations to deal with the case the move has
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been supported by the current president karzai. one time i bet a prison is once again at the epicenter of a scandal is authorities there are a key of a cover up in june two thousand and six three detainees both found hanged in the cells in the pound suicide but the latest reports suggest they died while being cheated in prison authorities say using special wooding to make it difficult to find the truth while in two thousand and two the us department of defense stopped reporting suicide attempts categorizing them as acts of self harm the wood has been replaced with and hans interrogation techniques and when it comes to in the tories practice of waterboarding hunger strikes and i. know i'm really just fast some force feeding is called medical management a prison is with white loss we've talked to professor mark denbeaux who's probe into the two thousand and six deaths cost dies on the official story of events what
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we have compelling evidence however of the men they didn't do. in the manner that the government claims the government claims they own themselves in their cells by committing suicide. and the problem with that is there were five guards watching twenty four cells not all of which were occupied and there were five guards and alternatives including several walking the short little corridor presently videos and if you read through the. investigators for you would read that the men were have been dead more than two hours when they were brought to the clothing and there are mortars. you know if you have five guards guarding or eighteen to twenty people and three of them die and are
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flipped hanging in their cells for hours people should go to jail as the military failed to comply with their obligation. now russian football fans made course their national team to be deducted points in the world cup for reportedly displaying near nazi banners during their side's first match in brazil if proven the incident could add to a considerable track record of russian football hooliganism that also features pitch attacks mass street rallies and nationalist clashes but as the country prepares to host the next tournament in four years' time it is working hard on solutions. has got the data. showing support for your team in russia could mean this this. or this. when you quit your first book either in one thousand nine hundred eighty when sporting was playing cisco in moscow we had
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a huge void of weren't blue warriors came up against us there were more than eight hundred involved in a brawl but you hold no show and that is just one of the fights recently described now a retired who are going to assess fan culture has changed massively russia studio if you've a stereotype of an english football hooligan or an italian ultras is no longer applied to us we went our own way now there are no loud criminal cases against you look at them compared to the ninety's back in the soviet days football was considered one of the nation's sprites history's best goalkeeper left us and the team which won the first ever european championship and the police of revolutionary managers with the break up of the soviet union football just as many other spheres of life suffered a major setback it may be a coincidence but along with these problems came in isn't it still unclear what caused the surge in violence but in recent years russian hooligans have remained visible from violent pitch invasions to mass treat rallies and racist incidents involving swastikas in the stands near nazi views and you know for be are among the
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most debated issues back in twenty ten when a fan was killed during fighting in moscow. escalated into ethnic violence thousands of cultures made themselves heard right outside the walls of the kremlin . politically motivated people have always been close to find groups not only have they propagandize the culture of violence but they explained why this violence was needed that's why i know c.v.s. are popular there because force and violence are the bases of naziism and fascism but former hooligan and founder of russia's largest fan movement to market and i have believes the issue is often blown up in the press and problems are usually solved even before they appear. who spearheaded events at the mine down in ukraine some of them are in the national guard now so potentially this is a very dangerous part of society but are all forages are pursuing a very clever strategy but who live in communities so there's no danger from their
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own russia these fights happen every weekend but no one knows if when you but if they happen out of town in forests and strictly upon agreement. the twenty thirteen movie okola footballer tells the story of a firm of consistent party of white collar workers where death and destruction rub shoulders with love and friendship one of its characters keeps asking the question why do you fight us but with all of. the movies slogan is we can not change real life has proven they can insist of a sealy it's just a matter of whether the rest of the world will be happy with this evolution of the russian fan culture when the country holds the next world cup in twenty eight. let's see moscow. now after the break we take a look at some facts about the u.k. score system were intended to be kept under lock in case.
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genesis but the genesis vulgarize ation over darwin's science and punishment for an uncommitted crying i was never alone stolen from believing in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why he loves his blood but still the i don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing yet not going to now go to the point of death. for years and rarely discussed on till now i'd really rather not talk about that life. right from the street. first trip to use a knife gripping pictures. on
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a reporter's twitter. on instagram. to be in the know. on. it was a. very hard to take up. arms against. a plan that we never had sex with that hurt their feelings.
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the over.
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the prospect of the u.k.'s the secret trial has had defenders of the british justice system up in arms the case of two suspected terrorists was planned to be held behind closed doors in the name of national security but last week an appeals court flashed a red light to the proposal questions still remain though as some of the main proceedings will be kept a secret first reports. these are the names of the t. defendants in the terrorism case until last week they'd been known only by the initials a b. and c d g twenty application from prosecutors to ban the press and public from proceedings on the grounds of protecting national security the whole case was close to being completely in secret well the court of appeal blogs that the hold the first ever completely secret criminal trial in the u.k. the judge is saying that the call of the toes the trial could be heard in secret
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but the other parts must be public but campaign is the worried that despite the ruling this case marks yet another step toward secret courts becoming a therm part of the british legal system only partial victory large parts of that roast are going to be held in secret the important issue here is the very issue of open justice because we have a long tradition that just has to it's not enough for justice to be done it's got to be seen to be done this case was an extraordinary departure by initially allowing the whole of the case to be heard in secret at the heart of the debate around secret courts is this can nationalize security information ever be made public the government's stance there is no there are people who are saying that it's a dangerous precedent they are wrong it's neither dangerous nor a precedent as far as the precedent point is concerned the have been many trials in which part of the hearing has been held in secret for national security reasons
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house for being dangerous it's not dangerous because the judge will god the firmness of the trial done in public if you will for hundreds of years we've been able to have jurisprudence on cases that involve sensitive issues there are always ways in which the evidence can be presented that will protect for example surveillance or secret service operations there's no. but of the press from it whatsoever if we don't know what's going on what's being reported it could easily lead to an increase in miscarriages of justice ultimately it is the judges that decide there will be released no doubt this in this instance the cool cheese not to get as far as a secret trial the concern now is that with more applications that day won't be far off the surface r.t. reporting from london. a small village in the philippines could be transformed into a multimillion dollar u.s. military base that is the asian nation tries to secure its claim on natural
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resources in the south china sea america already has tens of thousands of troops in dozens of bases there and it's fear the move could anger china the philippines and the u.s. preparing for mass naval drills new territory beijing believes to be its own or journalist james corbett thinks it could result in a better conflict this has to be seen as just part of a trend towards the deepening of the us and philippine military alliance that goes right along with the developing us japanese military alliance the us australian military alliance so i think this has to be seen as more part of a regional trend that's developing both china and the us and its allies are playing to their respective political basis and they're looking for economic stimulus that comes from militarization so they are looking to divert more government funds towards the defense sector i think it's part of a feedback loop where one side makes a move so the other is seen to respond to it so the other side responds to the response it's.


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